Tragic Space Dementia

by 'Verse

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A synthpop concept album of Joss Whedon's Firefly, by Lauren Moore ('Verse).


released May 4, 2010

"Lauren Moore is, by her own admission, a huge nerd. But that’s a good thing – I like nerds. Hailing from Indianapolis, USA, Moore is in fact a very special kind of nerd, in that she’s made her debut release a concept album based on the cult science fiction show Firefly, from everyone’s favourite cult show creator, Joss Whedon. If you haven’t seen the show, well, what is wrong with you? Go buy the box set, now.

Under the band name ‘Verse, Moore’s project is a collection of songs that, without being obvious, tell stories from the paradigm of the show, often speaking with the voices of the characters. The styles vary wildly from song to song, all experimentally electronic, with strong pop flavours, but all held together with Moore’s smooth, expressive vocals.

Whether you’re a Browncoat (a fan of the show), a new recruit (yet to watch) or an ignorant cretinous philistine with no friends and body odour (not a fan of the show), ‘Verse’s debut album is quite extraordinary listening. Her talents lie not only with beautiful delivery, but with lush vocal layering and haunting harmonies." - David Beukes (



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'Verse Indianapolis, Indiana

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Track Name: Under the Radar
I’m through fighting a war I’ve already lost
Go on dwelling in the ruins; you belong there anyway
You’ll swing back to the belief that you can make people better
And I do not hold to that

Just as sure as the turning of worlds,
I’ll be out from under your heel
I move myself a little further from your reach everyday
And I’m not coming back

So no more running, I aim to misbehave
There’s freedom flying under the radar
Track Name: That Kind of Strength
Drawn in by your mystery; strange sense of nobility
There’s one thing I should say, but…
I won’t admit it when you’re looking at me that way

There’s no room in your sky for me

Forgive my wiles, and this fascination
I wish I had you figured out
If the wind blows northernly, you can go north
Track Name: They Fall Right Out of the Sky
This ain’t the life for most, I’m sure…
In fact, you’ve made it clear:
The place that you call home, the place you love was never here…
I need the sweat, I need to be the driving force
Without my touch, without my love
We’d be so off course
(If that’s what you think of this life)

I see it in your eyes; you can’t convey - I need to hear -
Forget what’s proper in the black for me, just be sincere..
I need the thrill, I need to be the reason why
Without my touch, without my love
We wouldn’t have the sky
(If that’s what you think of this life)

But if there’s anything about this place you’re glad of,
Let it be me
Track Name: Atmo
Something’s guiding me. Something’s pushing me.

Get me through this polluted sky
I see so many reasons why
This world isn’t in tune to my ambition
Impulses I just can’t deny
Things that you wouldn’t dare to try
I feel it’s in my blood to fly
And leave you all behind…

When we hit atmo I can feel my pulse accelerate
A force of nature takes control and I can’t let it dissipate
Sneaking through the darkest space
Maneuvers you can’t calculate
Watch how I soar

Get me out from this dark decay
I see so many other ways
This world only wants to delay my upward progress
Take me out to the black and grey
To see the stars in their full array
I have no desire to stay
I’ll leave you all behind
Track Name: The Wrong Ship
I don’t care where I’m going
‘Cause how I get there is the worthier part
I’ve been out of the world a spell
I’d like to walk it awhile

Maybe I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be
Track Name: She Understands; She Doesn't Comprehend
Forgive me if I’m not all there
Sometimes I don’t feel human
Emotions I didn’t know I possessed take over my mind half the time
I’ve been asleep for so long
But sometimes there’s a moment of clarity

And I remember everything
I remember too much
And you’re giving up everything
Giving up too much
It’s my turn

Chaos, where there is no sun
Everything crowds in
And I’d like to see you all covered in red
Track Name: Sleepiness is Weakness of Character
I’m cold, I’m cruel.

Truth be told, I’ve learned to trust in no one but by myself
There’s no time to feel when you’re always watching your back
I’ll be honest, I never thought I’d love again
Times are difficult now, out here in the black

When I’m with you, I feel the planets slow their spin
When I’m with you, the ‘verse expands
Here in your arms the black makes sense to me
Here in your warmth I feel again

Truth be told, I haven’t felt my heart beat quite like this
There’s no time to feel when you’re always running away
I’ll be honest, I never thought I’d crave again
Life is different now, I’ve learned to obey

You make me feel again.
Track Name: Everything I have is Right Here
It’s time to wake up.